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Underway LLC can handle all your sailboat repairs from stem to stern. 
Whether it be rigging, hull repair, engine repair, painting or full restoration. 
You name it, we do it! 
We even have a 10,000 lb capacity hoist in our boat yard 
(an essential part to any full-service boat repair shop).

Under Way LLC offers one of the widest selections of used sailboat parts, including Masts, Stanchions, Bow Pulpits, Stern Rails, Winches, Vintage Nautical items, etc. Our used parts catalog is extensive. If you are looking for a hard to find part and don't see it in our online store, please don't hesitate to contact us. Chances are we have it! 

We also offer custom trailer fitting, as well as complete custom trailer fabrication for your sailboat. Have an old trailer that doesn’t fit your new boat? We can re-fit your old trailer to fit your new boat!
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Mast Up Mast Stepper - Stern Mount
Our Price: $175.00

Mast Up stepping system is an easy mast raising device and supports your mast while trailering or storing. Now just 2 people can raise any mast. Ideal for short handed mast raising.

Fits virtually any boat with an outboard rudder (see the Mast Up Cockpit version for through-hull rudder boats). Mast Up telescopes to 9-1/2 feet. Mast slides easily on the built-in roller. Use on land or water.

Mast Up will fit Catalina 22', Catalina 25', Merit 22', Balboa 20', Aquarius 21', Venture 17', Venture 21', Venture 25', MacGregor 22', Hunter 22', Hunter 23', Santana 23', Capri 18', Capri 22', Capri 25' and the new Capri 26', Precision 18', Precision 21', Precision 23', Schock 22' and Schock 23',. Fits any boat with either 5/16" or 1/2" pintels or gudgeons. Special orders are available.

Choose either 5/16" or 1/2" pintels (the pin that fits into the hole of a gudgeon mounted on the stern of your boat) or 5/16" or 1/2" gudgeons (with holes that slide onto the pintel posts mounted on the stern of your boat). Basically you are matching the hardware on your rudder. So if you rudder has pintels (pins) or gudgeons (holes), then that is what to choose for your Mast Up.


Storage: Mast Up holds your mast at the stern end for stowing and trailering. Secure mast to the bow pulpit.

Step 1: Raise the Mast Up to its fullest height. Make sure aft lowers and uppers are connected to pad eye.

Step 2: Roll the mast back along the Mast Up until the base of the mast is at the mast step. Making sure your lines and side stays are free, raise the mast!

Step 3: Mast Up! Put the pin in the turnbuckle, attach forward lowers to pad eyes and tune your mast. Reverse the process to lower.